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How To Stay Safe From Online Frauds?

With the advancement of technology, cybercriminals are also not leaving any stone unturned. The Internet has become their favourite place to earn money by cheating people. There are various methods through which these criminals are deceiving people and in order to stay safe from online frauds, you need to know what all things you should avoid. Therefore we are providing you with some of the preventive measures through which you can assure your safety.

Check your social media privacy setting

To prevent yourself from online identity fraud you should keenly check your social media privacy settings and make sure that you are not friends with the people you do not know. Most of the people take social media lightly but the truth is that cybercriminals are using these platforms only to approach people.

Ignore unsolicited messages or emails

You cannot control the fake messages and emails coming your way but you can surely avoid them. There are various incidents where cybercriminals like ilan tzorya send fraud messages to people and ask them to fill their bank password or any other confidential details. People think that they are providing the information to the legit source but actually, cybercriminals are collecting it and then later use to empty their bank accounts.

Ilan Tzorya

Choose a strong password

While creating an account on any social media platform or on any bank make sure that the password you are creating should be strong enough and consist of such combinations that nobody apart from you can get access to those accounts. On the other hand, if you keep your password short just for the sake of remembering it easily then you are increasing the chances of your account getting hacked.

Be careful while using public Wi-Fi

Always be very attentive while using public Wi-Fi because that is the most convenient thing through which cybercriminals can attract users. You can definitely use it for browsing there is no harm in that but make sure to and not any payment and to not fill your personal information using such a network.

Keep your device updated

Another way to prevent yourself from online scamming is to keep your device updated whether it is your cell phone or laptop. Whenever you get any pop-up message regarding update make sure to click on it and update your device. Because a lot of times there are new security features also come with the updates.

Hence, these are some of the prevention that you can take in order to keep yourself safe from the online frauds.

6 Things You Can Do To Avoid Fraud

Crooks don’t care who they are making fool of, they simply know their motives. There are many ways which a fraudster can use to fraud someone, it is really important for everyone to know the preventive measures so that they can protect their money and important information. Today we are going to look at some of the practical tips which are going to help you to stay ahead of fraudsters.

  • Identifying the imposters

Generally, these imposters use similar ways of scamming. They choose the identities of those officials and professionals which people trust easily. To identify these imposters you have to know that none of the officials will ask you about your personal details via phone or messages or emails. So avoid sharing important information via phone.

  • Doing online research

If you are dealing with a person who is new to you then do a little research on that particular person. You can search for him online, you can look for the details on social media platforms, and you can also do a local search for some better results. Recently I have read about Ilan Tzorya who scammed many people for money. You can also read these types of fraud related blogs to know more about frauds.

Ilan- Tzorya
Ilan Tzorya
  • Never blindly believe on caller Ids

If you are getting calls from a new number and you have a caller Id app on your phone then the app will show you a name by searching for it online. Many of us believe in those caller Ids blindly, one should not believe in them because these caller Ids can easily be tampered by anyone.

  • Use trustworthy methods of payments

If you are making a financial deal and you want to stay safe while paying or anything related to paperwork then always use a trustworthy method. Use proper modes of online money transfers and legal ways.

  • Don’t fall for free offers

There are many scammers who try to lure people by giving extra discounts and bonuses. Most of us fall for it blindly without even doing a little research. Never fall for these types of silly traps. It will be good to do a little research before doing anything.

  • Stay up to date with the news

Always stay up to date with the local news, this way you will know about the latest things which are going in your area.

These are some of the best ways which one can consider to protect themselves from frauds and stay one step ahead of the fraudsters.